Typography Poster

February 2023

Adobe Illustrator
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Magic & Façades Event Poster

Inviting you to the annual magic show-masquerade ball at the grand Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York. Guests may indulge in a variety of festivities throughout their evening, though the main event is what draws those to attend.

Guests can opt to play a game in attempting to uncover the secrets behind a magician’s trick. If guessed correctly, they are granted any wish they can dream of. Though beware, guess incorrectly and be cursed to work in the castle for eternity.

The poster works as a façade itself, glamorizing the exclusive event’s elegance, however, fails to explicitly address the risks for those who choose to attend naively. Elements of mystery and danger are hinted to the viewer through typography and language.

© Amy Tea ︎︎︎