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March 2023 - April 2023
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Replica Type Specimen Booklet

Replica, also known as LL Replica, was designed by Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs from the Zurich type studio NORM, though formally released by Lineto in 2008. The typeface is a bold sans serif font with unique angled cutoffs, used in both text and headlines. 

The designers of Replica relied heavily on the use of grids and used a more formal mathematical approach in creating the typeface, which led me to zone in on the word “grid” and any associated phrases or ones that may be the opposite to it. “Off the Grid” is a common phrase heard and applied to criminals when they want to go into hiding or lay low. 

The word Replica and its synonyms includes the words copy, dupe, knockoff, and fraud. With additionally the typeface being developed by a type foundry in Switzerland; a location featured in heist related movie plots involving art theft or bank robberies (as Switzerland is known for their banking secrecy), this type specimen booklet examines one of the biggest bank robberies in Switzerland’s history and Replica itself.

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