March 2021
Adobe Photoshop
#bekind Post-It Advertising Campaign

One of many advertisements created for an advertising campaign for Post-It during the COVID-19 pandemic. We drew inspiration from the existing concept of Post-It note messages college students would leave on their dorm room windows to communicate with others.

For this campaign, we translated the idea to correspond with the ongoing pandemic, when the world came to a stop and many countries going into lockdown. A majority of people went from working and learning in person to working and learning from home in isolation.

This instance of a print advertisement depicts an empty office that was once occupied, sharing the message “Stay Safe” with a rainbow, encouraging people to take care of themselves and have hope during tough times.

The campaign encouraged people to share a kind message with others during the pandemic, a rough time for many worldwide.

Created in collaboration with Raymie Bucknam.

© Amy Tea ︎︎︎